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Chris Hemsworth Looking Absolutely Stacked Ahead Of His Movie Role As Hulk Hogan

Chris Hemsworth Looking Absolutely Stacked Ahead Of His Movie Role As Hulk Hogan

The Aussie actor is set to play the WWE legend in an upcoming Netflix biopic.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

If you have a quick scroll through his social media, it doesn't take long to realise that Chris Hemsworth froths the gym.

So when the Aussie actor was asked to stack on the pounds to play WWE icon Hulk Hogan in Netflix's upcoming biopic, you can imagine he was probably chomping at the bit to get in the weights room.

And with filming reportedly well underway, the Hollywood heartthrob is already looking absolutely jacked.


In between film sets, Hemsworth often uses his spare time travelling around the globe to different locations and recently visited the beautiful Lord Howe Island on the east coast of Australia.

He shared his experience with his 46.6 million Instagram followers by posting a variety of pictures from his travels.

In the caption, he wrote: "Great to get away for a few days to @visitlordhoweisland before starting on #thorloveandthunder this week!"

In one photo in particular, Hemsworth is seen posing alongside his wife Elsa Pataky as they explore the island.

But even though the picture is taken from a distance, you can see just how ripped Thor is.

He's always been in pretty good nick, but even by his lofty standards Hemsworth is looking in spectacular shape.

And it's no surprise if you check out the way he trains.

Whether it be the weights and tyre flips in the gym or even his pad work with his personal trainer, it's clear Hemsworth is putting in the hard yards in his bid to perfectly capture a larger-than-life WWE phenomenon.

Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is arguably one of the most famous wrestlers of all-time.

A pioneer of the sport, he competed as a professional across five decades spanning from his debut in 1977 to his final bout in 2012.

And at 67 years old, it was only a matter of time before someone came along a decided to make a movie on his extraordinary life.

Australian actor Hemsworth was the man assigned the leading role.

Hogan has a rather unique look to pull off too: The red and yellow vest, bleach-blonde handlebar moustache and the iconic bandana (of course).

But one important thing needed to complete the overall look was the bulging biceps - and judging by his latest pictures, Hemsworth has got that part down pat.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chrishemsworth

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