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Nick Kyrgios Names Who He Thinks 'The Michael Jordan Of Tennis' Is

Nick Kyrgios Names Who He Thinks 'The Michael Jordan Of Tennis' Is

The Aussie has waded in on the 'GOAT' debate.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Despite saying "you can argue he is the greatest" in relation to Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios says that Roger Federer is the GOAT of tennis.

And on top of that, he also compared the Swiss fan favourite to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Nick Kyrgios.

Talk of the Greatest Of All Time, otherwise known simply as the 'GOAT debate', is one that fans and experts from all different sports love to delve into.

From Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe referring to LeBron as 'GOAT James' to people simply commenting a goat emoji on social media whenever their favourite athlete does something special - this topic of conversation is one that seems to divide sports tragics across the globe.

And when it comes to tennis, the debate is hotter than ever.

Kyrgios says Federer is the GOAT.

But in terms of modern-day players from the past decade, there's a couple of main candidates who could lay claim to be the GOAT: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic.

Speaking to Courtside Huddle, Aussie star Kyrgios chimed in on the argument.

"In my opinion, I've played all three of them, I think Andy Murray is right up there as well," Kyrgios said.

Jordan transcended basketball and is widely regarded as the greatest sports star of all-time.

"You look at Federer he's the most dominant player of all time, but in this era it's actually Rafa. It's a debate you can have.

"A lot of players will tell you Rafa's the GOAT, Novak's the GOAT. But in my opinion, Federer is still [the GOAT]. I think he's almost like a [Michael] Jordan status type thing.

"He was the guy that was so dominant on every kind of surface. I think the way he plays the game is something special."


That being said, Kyrgios was equally as impressed with his long-time rival Nadal - a man who recently equalled Federer's record 20 Grand Slam titles.

"Unbelievable. I wasn't surprised when I saw Rafa pretty much easing through the draw at the French Open," he added.

"That's his backyard. He loves playing there. I think he's lost two matches there in his entire career.

"Honestly, I don't think we're ever going to see anything like that again. Someone so dominant on one surface and he's right there with the greatest of all time. You can argue he is the greatest."

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