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Australian Open Heckler Dubbed 'Courtside Karen' Calls Live Radio Station

Australian Open Heckler Dubbed 'Courtside Karen' Calls Live Radio Station

The woman was quick to rubbish rumours that she was drunk while also revealing her plans to attend more Australian Open games.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

She's already earned the nickname "Courtside Karen" by fans on social media, but it appears the spectator who heckled Rafael Nadal isn't planning on shutting up completely.

This morning she rang a local Melbourne-based radio station to slate the Spaniard even more while rubbishing rumours that she was heavily intoxicated.

Play during Nadal's Australian Open clash with Michael Mmoh came to a grinding halt when a fan was heard yelling "hurry up you OCD f***" during one of his serves.

And as cameras panned out to work out exactly who the heckler was, they managed to locate a woman sitting in the stands with her middle finger pointed directly at a very confused-looking world number two.

Nadal couldn't do anything other than laugh as the woman was eventually escorted from the Rod Laver Arena by security.


Footage of the incident quickly flooded social media and the woman found herself on the receiving end of an absolute slaughtering from tennis fans labelling her as "drunk" and a "disgrace".

Waking up the next day with a sore head and your face plastered all over social media, you'd probably expect the woman to rein it in a bit a lay low.

But no, it appears she's not very remorseful at all.

Instead, she rang up radio station 3AW explaining her criticism of Nadal and insisting she wasn't in the wrong.

"I'm certainly not a fan of Nadal," she said while using the alias 'Lisa'.

"I think he's incredibly boring and he goes through all those OCD rituals all the time.

"The only reason I happened to be at the match is because I wanted a ticket to see the previous female match between Coco Gauff and Elina Svitolina and I stuck around to watch the boring Nadal.

"The very fact that apparently pictures of me have gone viral, even around the world, reflects on how incredibly boring his matches are, because why would you want to focus on a spectator?"

A self-proclaimed "tennis aficionado", 'Lisa' went on to add that the Australian Open security weren't exactly the most polite when booting her out.

"They were very rude," she said.

"They said 'right you have to go' and I said: 'Why? I'm a spectator, I've paid for my ticket, why aren't I allowed to be a bit vocal?' I mean I was vocal in the previous match calling out for Svitolina, because she's one of my faves.

"The other thing is I am a tennis aficionado. I come down to Melbourne each year especially for the tennis."

The spectator in question has copped plenty of criticism for her actions with many calling for her to be banned altogether.

But having forked out money on tickets, it seems she's adamant on going again.

"I might need to go in disguise and I certainly won't be wearing the outfit I wore," 'Lisa' said.

"I'll be keeping very quiet."

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