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Kalyn Ponga's High School Rugby Highlights Prove Just How Good He Was As A Teenager

Kalyn Ponga's High School Rugby Highlights Prove Just How Good He Was As A Teenager

In the video, Ponga can be seen producing the most outrageous steps and gooseys for Churchie's 1st XV back in 2014.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

It's no secret that Kalyn Ponga is an absolute freak of nature on the footy field.

The superstar fullback burst onto the rugby league scene back in 2016 following a breakout debut season with the North Queensland Cowboys before eventually signing with the Newcastle Knights.

But for us NRL tragics, we were aware of Ponga well before that.

Kalyn Ponga.

Before the likes of the AFL's Brisbane Lions, Super Rugby's Queensland Reds and a bunch of NRL clubs started engaging in a huge tug-of-war for his services, he was tearing it up for his high school rugby union team.

While living in Brisbane, Ponga attended Anglican Church Grammar School and represented their 1st XV side in the GPS competition.

And, as you can probably imagine, he was an absolute beast and his highlight reel makes for truly scary viewing.

His official high school highlights for Churchie were posted on YouTube back in 2014 and the video has now amassed just under 2 million views.

Still donning his iconic headgear, the nimble number 15 can be seen breaking the ankles of his opposition by producing the most outrageous steps and gooseys on a weekly basis.

And while the clip itself is coming up to seven years old, it still does a brilliant job of showcasing the talent that Ponga possessed as a teenager.

Decent backing track? Check.

Funky slow-mos and graphics? Check.

Scintillating skills and tries from one of the most exciting players around? Yep, check.

Ponga would be a nightmare to play against in the NRL today, so just imagine coming up against him in a high school game several years ago.


Do yourself a favour and watch his insane highlights in the video below...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / The Waterboy

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