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US College Athlete Goes Viral For Having Six Fingers On One Hand

US College Athlete Goes Viral For Having Six Fingers On One Hand

An image of J.J. Weaver showing off his six fingers on one hand has sent sports fans into a frenzy.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

J.J. Weaver is a unique athlete to say the least.

The college football star has gone viral in recent days because fans have noticed that he happens to have six fingers on one hand.

That's right, good luck trying to strip the ball from the 109kg linebacker because you'll have to get through not five but six fingers to do so

There were rumblings early in his collegiate career when eagle-eyed American football fans thought they noticed Weaver donning a six-finger glove.

It turns out they were right.

The 21-year-old managed to keep his genetic secret under wraps for a while - until now.

Ahead of Kentucky's game this weekend, an image circulated around social media showing Weaver holding up his six-fingered hand.

The picture went viral almost instantly, sending football fans into a frenzy.

People wasted no time in heaping praise on the young prospect, but perhaps the best reaction came from former New York Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott, who tweeted: "No fair."

Abbott was born without a right hand.

Being a linebacker, stats show that Weaver's sixth finger clearly helps him grip on to opposing quarterbacks, having mustered up 17 total tackles and four sacks in his six games with Kentucky.

It's understood Weaver was born with Polydactyly and all six fingers on his right hand work perfectly fine.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jjtimee/Twitter/@PFF_College

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