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Tom Brady Takes Mid-Game Break To Gift His Hat To Boy Who Beat Brain Cancer

Tom Brady Takes Mid-Game Break To Gift His Hat To Boy Who Beat Brain Cancer

A special, special moment that this young fan will never forget.



By Stewart Perrie

Tom Brady has been praised for gifting his hat to a boy watching him play NFL who had beaten brain cancer.

With 33 seconds to go in the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears at Raymond James Stadium, the superstar quarterback walked over to the young fan in the crowd.

Behind the little lad was a massive sign that read 'Tom Brady Helped Me Beat Cancer'.

After he handed over his cap to the young boy, he burst into tears with happiness and the crowd went wild.

The moment has gone viral on social media, with one person writing: "Tom is the GOAT and what a nice deed. That kid will have that memory for life!"

Another added: "The story on this little guy is miraculous. He's a fighter and an inspiration too! A dream come true for him!"

A third said: "Not a Brady fan by any means, but this is an awesome move. Made a young fan's dreams come true. Not a lot of people have been lucky enough to be able to meet their sports idols."

There's no denying that boy will treasure that hat and that memory of meeting the GOAT forever.

The Buccaneers thrashed the Bears 38-3 in the game and Brady threw four touchdown passes, making him the first NFL player in history to ever throw more than 600 touchdowns.

While that was a huge moment for Brady, the sporting superstar was asked during the post-game press conference about the heartwarming interaction with the boy in the crowd.

He said: "That was really sweet. Obviously, tough kid, man. Puts a lot in perspective with what we're doing on the field; in the end it doesn't mean much compared to what so many go through.

"We all try to make a difference in different ways and I think so many guys commit times to their foundations and to doing good things for the world.

"And the NFL does a lot of great things, so it's just nice to - I always think you know do the best that you can do, under any circumstance.

"It was nice to see."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Buccaneers

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