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These Are The Most Stylish Athletes To Ever Grace The Olympic Games

These Are The Most Stylish Athletes To Ever Grace The Olympic Games

From wild 80s haircuts to flashy modern-day attires, us fans have see it all down the years!



By Ryan Rosendale

While the obvious way to stand out at the Olympics is to win an allusive gold medal, many athletes and countries have also been remembered fondly for their extravagant and glamorous outfits throughout the Games.

From wild 80s haircuts to flashy modern-day kits, us fans have see it all down the years.

So here, we count down the top 10 most stylish and trendiest Olympians of all-time.

10. Japan's Olympic Team - 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games

The host country of the 1964 Games made a thrilling entry into the Opening Ceremony when they stunned viewers and fans with their outfits. Dressed in Japan's national colours, the team wore red blazers, white pants, and white hats.

The Japanese team during the 1964 Olympic Games.

09. Canada's Olympic Team - 1972 Munich Olympic Games

Canada really went all in with their Opening Ceremony outfits at the 1972 Games in Munich. They entered the arena with plumed hats and polka dot shirts combined with bright red jackets and while they left the games with no gold medals, they certainly scored style points.

Canada really made a statement in 1972.

08. Mark Spitz - 1972 Munich Olympic Games

What really stands out about American swimmer Mark Spitz's outfit at the 1972 Games isn't what he wore but what he didn't wear. Spitz elected to swim the entire games without a gap or goggles on route to winning an at-the-time seven gold medals in a single Games. Spitz is also fondly remembered for his moustache with his record not broken until fellow American Michael Phelps in Beijing in 2008.

Mark Spitz pictured in 1972.

07. France's Olympic Team - 1976 Montreal Olympic Games

If you were to look at photos of France's outfits from the 1976 Montreal Games, you could be forgiven for thinking they were background extras for a Harry Potter or Hunger Games movie. The entire team sported light blue brimmed hats with capes during the Opening Ceremony.

06. Florence Griffith Joyner - 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

We've already mentioned how impactful the American sprinter was at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and while Florence Griffith Joyner is fondly remembered for her three gold medals, she's also etched in history for her outfit while doing so. 'Flo-Jo' donned a typical running suit, but it was her choice of an attached hood that made her stand out while creating history.

The late, great Flo-Jo.

05. Russia's Olympic Team - 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

In their first appearance competing separately following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Russian Olympic team donned white outfits emblazoned with the trademark traditional Olympic rings. It was a classy outfit choice from the Russians.

04. Ian Thorpe - 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

Ian Thorpe's thrilling performance in the pool at the 2000 Sydney Olympics saw the hometown boy don the Speedo Fatskin suit, something not seen at Olympic level before. The revolutionary new material modelled after shark skin covered many swimmers from wrist to ankle, but the sport's governing body would go on to ban full-body suits in 2010 to refocus the sport on physical performance.


03. Japan's Olympic Team - 2004 Athens Olympic Games

The second entry for a Japan Olympic team on this list sees an even more flamboyant outfit style than before. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Japanese team entered the Opening Ceremony decked in floral ensembles and colourful fans in what was a complete opposite look to their attire back in 1964.


02. Lara Teixeira and Nayara Figueira - 2012 London Olympic Games

Brazil's synchronised swimming team of Lara Teixeira and Nayara Figueira turned heads when they entered the pool in London. They donned suits with a heart and veins on the front with bright green ribs on the back while their swimming caps were brains. Quite the anatomy outfit from the pair!

Lara Teixeira and Nayara Figueira turned heads in London.

01. Australia's Olympic Team - 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Inspired by the outfits worn by their fellow countrymen and women at the 1924 Paris Olympics, the Australian team in Rio donned a very classy white shorts with a stripped green blazer lead by flag bearer Anna Mears. No bias having the Aussies clinch top spot on our list, of course.

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