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Olympic Wrestler Left With Huge Teeth Marks On Bicep After Being Bitten By Rival

Olympic Wrestler Left With Huge Teeth Marks On Bicep After Being Bitten By Rival

Kazakhstani wrestler Nurislam Sanayev channelled his inner Mike Tyson with this dirty tactic.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Well, this certainly doesn't appear to be in the 'Olympic Spirit', does it?

Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya was left with huge teeth marks on his bicep after he was bitten by his opponent during their 57kg semi-final in Tokyo.

Dahiya was trailing 2-9 going into the final three minutes of his clash with Kazakhstani Nurislam Sanayev.

Incredibly, the 23-year-old dug deep and somehow managed to produce one of the best comebacks we've seen at the Games this year and arguably one of India's greatest ever moments on the Olympic stage.

The Indian fan favourited ended up pinning his opponent to clinch the gold medal in the dying embers of the bout.

Realising that he was about to lose the match, Sanayev tried everything in his power to break free of the pin and even deployed a dirty tactic of biting his rival in the arm.

The last gasp attempt to free himself backfired massively as Dahiya fought through the pain barrier to secure an emphatic victory.

After successfully pinning his opponent to clinch the win, Dahiya complained to the referee but his appeals fell on deaf ears.

"I had no business conceding that much lead against Sanayev. I am not happy with it," he said after the bout.

"I still have some unfinished business to do. I came with a target here and that is not complete yet (winning gold)."

Dahiya went on to face reigning world champion Zavur Uguev of Russia in the final, falling agonisingly short of winning a historic gold for his country but still returning home with a silver wrapped round his neck.

Interestingly, though, this doesn't appear to be the first time that a biting incident has marred an Olympic event in Tokyo.

Earlier in the Games, Moroccan boxer Youness Baalla was overcome with frustration during his bout against David Nyika and proceeded to sink his teeth into the New Zealander while the pair were in a clinch.

But, just like the case with Dahiya and Sanayev, the official missed the bite altogether and it went unpunished.

Featured Image Credit: Olympics/Ch7

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