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Tom Brady's Instagram Story After The Super Bowl Was So Random

Tom Brady's Instagram Story After The Super Bowl Was So Random

The story paid tribute to Brady's teammates and was accompanied with music from 50 Cent, Sarah McLachlan, Nelly, The Game, blink 182.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Tom Brady's Instagram posts have achieved cult status in recent years.

From his TB12 promotions to his multi-million-dollar TV commercials, the veteran quarterback has never been shy in using his social media platforms to reach out to his fans.

And how could we forget his iconic celebration videos with best buddy Rob Gronkowski?

But it seems his latest stream of posts raised a few eyebrows.

After clinching his record seventh Super Bowl championship, 43-year-old Brady took to Instagram to post a bunch of stories reflecting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The stories included action pictures of his Bucs teammates accompanied with a variety of music tracks.

But rather than just sticking to one genre, the songs jumped back and fourth from some serious heavy metal to old-school rap and back to soothing ballads.

In the collection, Brady included tracks from 50 Cent, Joyner Lucas, Sarah McLachlan, Wale, Nelly, The Game, Young Money, blink 182 and T.I.

He even chucked in a song from his Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown.

On top of that, the captions for the photos were absolutely hilarious.

The caption for Brown's tribute read: "Whole lotta cellys. AB in the SB where he belongs."

Not exactly the type of language we're used to hearing from Brady, right?

And after seeing that one of his hit songs featured on Brady's Instagram, rap legend 50 Cent screenshotted the story and made his own post.

"The winners theme is still Many Men. Unstoppable," he said.

Usually a soft-spoken, well-mannered professional throughout his decorated NFL career, the music collection and captions lead for many of Brady's 9.1 million followers to believe that it wasn't actually him posting the photos.

Either way, it doesn't matter whether it was Brady's marketing team or the great man himself - when you've got seven shiny Super Bowl rings on your fingers, you can do whatever you like.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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