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Damning Photograph Shows Just How Many Fans Attended The Super Bowl

Damning Photograph Shows Just How Many Fans Attended The Super Bowl

Apparently there's 25,000 people inside the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, but this picture probably suggests otherwise.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

In the build-up to the big game, people weren't too happy after news broke that the NFL was increasing the number of fans allowed to attend the Super Bowl.

And now that the clash is well underway, you can see just how tightly-packed the stadium really is.

Local physician Jeremy Faust posted a picture on social media, showing just how many people were in attendance - and it's not exactly the best look for the NFL.

He tweeted: "Whoever writes the Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the Great Covid Pandemic will prolllly be including this photograph in said book.

A reported 25,000 people are inside the Raymond James Stadium to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55.

It's officially the lowest ever crowd attendance for a Super Bowl.

And given the circumstances, you can understand why.

Despite the growing number of coronavirus cases across the United States, NFL officials were adamant on allowing football fans to attend the game.

During the regular season, only a select few teams gave the nod to live crowds - and even then, it was only a couple of hundred fans allowed inside the stadiums.

Keeping the players and staff safe amid the pandemic was clearly a priority for the NFL.

But with the Super Bowl approaching, the sport's governing body clearly shifted it's perspective.


So when it was confirmed that the Bucs would host the Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium, the NFL announced that they'd be willing to house a whopping 25,000 supporters at the game.

This didn't sit too well with some Americans, who slated the decision.

And now that vision has emerged from inside the arena, you can kind of see why people are so frustrated.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@jeremyfaust

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