Aussie Patty Mills Doesn't Flinch During Fiery Confrontation With JaKarr Sampson

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Aussie Patty Mills Doesn't Flinch During Fiery Confrontation With JaKarr Sampson

Despite being significantly shorter than JaKarr Sampson, Australian basketball player Patty Mills refused to back down as the duo locked horns during San Antonio's 109-94 victory over Indiana.

In fact, Mills didn't even appear to flinch at all.



An ugly confrontation erupted in the fourth quarter when the Spurs point guard attempted to box out Sampson during a play.

The box out looked like fair game at the time, but clearly not in the eyes of Sampson himself.

The Pacers big man took exception to the block and shoved Mills for good measure.

But the Aussie wasn't having a bar of it and charged down the other end of the court to give Sampson the same treatment.


A bit of push-and-shove ensued as 6-foot-7-inch Sampson stood over Mills.

At a mere six foot himself, Mills simply looked up and stared straight back at Sampson who was towering over him.

It wasn't long before the Spurs players including Rudy Gay jumped in to the defence of their teammate and the melee was eventually defused.


But looking back at the replays, it's safe to say Mills certainly didn't back down from the fight.

"I tell you what, Patty Mills did not take a step backwards," the Indiana Pacers commentator said.

"And now JaKarr at this point just needs to calm down. Calm down!"


Fans and basketball experts were quick to react to the moment on social media too.

One tweeted: "JaKarr Sampson wanted to fight Patty Mills. Patty Mills laughed in his face. Legend."

While another added: "Mills didn't even move... nice little shoulder bump."

Well, it's pretty obvious who came out of that scenario looking like the tougher man.


Lesson learned from today: Don't mess with Patty Mills.

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