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Anthony Davis Roasted By NBA Fans For Clipping His Toe Nails On The Court

Anthony Davis Roasted By NBA Fans For Clipping His Toe Nails On The Court

The six-foot-10-inch star was discretely handed a pair of toe nails clippers by a Lakers staff member during the middle of a game.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

The new NBA season hasn't even begun yet and Anthony Davis has already made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Basketball fans have flocked to social media to roast the Los Angeles Lakers big man for clipping his toe nails on the side of the court.

And the footage itself makes for pretty grim viewing.

The incident, which has since been described by multiple news outlets as 'disgusting', occurred during the Lakers' 114-113 pre-season win over the Phoenix Suns.

With the second quarter just getting under way and his team trailing, Davis took his place on the Los Angeles bench alongside his teammates.

The seven-time All-Star and recently-crowned NBA champion was then handed an unknown object by one of the Lakers staff - an object that was quickly revealed to be a pair of toe nail clippers.

6-foot-10-inch Davis initially paused after realising his face was up on the big screen inside the PHX Arena.

But that clearly didn't matter to the former New Orleans Pelicans star who quickly threw a towel under his rather large size 17 feet before hacking away at his nails with the clippers.

He wasn't exactly being subtle about it either, so when the NBA camera crew realised what he was doing they wasted no time in zooming in on the action.

Social media had a field day with AD's toes, of course.

But while there was some fuss surrounding this hilarious incident, most of the attention after the game was focused on what Davis did on the court with the ball in his hands - not a pair of toe nail clippers.

Davis, who has the joint-fifth biggest contract in the NBA which stands at a whopping $190million, scored 35 points in just 30 minutes of play against the Suns.

And on top of that, he shot a staggering 86% from three in the preseason.

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