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Joe Rogan Jumps To Aaron Rodgers' Defence After Covid Vaccination Saga

Joe Rogan Jumps To Aaron Rodgers' Defence After Covid Vaccination Saga

"People need to know this. He’s not vaccine-hesitant because he’s a conspiracy theorist."

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Joe Rogan has leapt to the defence of Aaron Rodgers after the NFL MVP's recent vaccination saga.

After testing positive and going into isolation, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has now admitted that he may have "misled" fans into believing he was vaccinated against COVID-19, when in fact he conducted his own "immunisation" process.

Well, it turns out there's a reason for this.


Having found himself in the firing line of plenty of backlash, the 37-year-old has now come clean and recently revealed on The Pat McAfee Show that he is actually allergic to one of the ingredients found in some of the vaccines.

As an alternative, Rodgers underwent an alternative homeopathic antibody treatment as a form of "immunisation".

Prior to the show's airing, Rodgers had also discussed this "in confidence" with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who shared their conversation on his popular podcast the Joe Rogan Experience.

"Here's the thing about Aaron Rodgers, I can say this now because he's gone through this whole thing," Joe Rogan said.


"He's allergic to one of the main ingredients in the vaccine

"There's an ingredient that's in the capsule. He told me this in confidence.

"People need to know this. He's not vaccine-hesitant because he's a conspiracy theorist.

"Maybe we should look at, we should expand treatment. Maybe we should look at all these other treatments and what's the most effective. Monoclonal antibodies is insanely effective."

Rogan has never shied away from making comments about the virus and vaccine in the past, previously urging young and healthy people to not get the jab.

As for Rodgers, his stance has remained somewhat ambiguous.

By stating that he was "immunised", people automatically assumed he was vaccinated - but that wasn't the case.

The NFL megastar has now held his hands up and accepted that he was slightly misleading with his status.

"I made some comments that people may have thought were misleading," Rodgers told The Pat McAfee Show.

"I shared an opinion that is polarising. I get it. And I misled some people about my status.

"I take full responsibility for those comments.

"I'm an athlete, I'm not an activist. So I'm gonna get back to doing what I do best and that's playing ball. Further comments I'm gonna keep between me and my doctors."

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