MMA Fighter Snaps His Own Ankle After Knocking Out Opponent With Head Kick


MMA Fighter Snaps His Own Ankle After Knocking Out Opponent With Head Kick

A head kick knockout is one of the most spectacular moves a mixed martial artist can pull off.

But when you snap your own leg in the process, it kind of takes the gloss off it a bit.

Well, that's exactly what happened in the case of amateur fighter Dylan Kiskila.


Making his MMA debut against Kai Duque, the featherweight looked to have burst onto the scene by producing a truly impressive knockout.

With around 30 seconds gone, Kiskila unleashed a ferocious kick which clipped his opponent on the head and sent him crashing to the canvas.

At first, the sheer sound of the kick made it seem like Duque had sustained some serious damage - which he had, as he lay face down on the deck.

But it turns out it was actually c who came off second best.


As he went to follow up with some vicious ground and pound, Kiskila's leg completely buckled under his weight and snapped as he sat in the cage looking down at it bending the wrong way.

It was then that everyone realised that he had, in fact, broken it during the actual connection with Duque's forehead.

Kiskila was named the winner via TKO as he received medical attention.

The promotion, Captain's Fight Club, have no confirmed that the promising talent suffered a fracture in both his fibula and tibia.


Wishing Kiskila a speedy recovery.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Captain's Fight Club

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