Dustin Poirier Absolutely Destroyed Conor McGregor With A Brilliantly-Timed One-Liner

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Dustin Poirier Absolutely Destroyed Conor McGregor With A Brilliantly-Timed One-Liner

Conor McGregor might steal all the headlines, but Dustin Poirier arguably won the UFC 264 press conference.

Granted, the Irishman clearly had the support of the live crowd at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas behind him as they hung on his every word, but Poirier - without doubt - produced the best moment.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

McGregor was back to his usual pre-fight tricks, spouting out all sorts of trash talk before getting up in Poirier's grill during the face-off.


As for the American, even with the McGregor tragics relentlessly booing him, he remained very calm and collected throughout the entire press conference.

Poirier saved most of his talk for fight night, but when the time came to verbally strike he certainly didn't disappoint.

When McGregor was asked why he was "unusually kind to Dustin" during the build-up to their rematch, Poirier quickly interjected and shouted: "Because he got knocked the f**k out."


This impulsive dig drew a positive reaction from the live audience who laughed and cheered the former interim lightweight champ.

But Poirier wasn'd done there.

Without any hesitation, he then produced a genius one-liner which well and truly put the final nail in the coffin for McGregor's press conference.

"Not McGregor Fast, McGregor Sleep," Poirier added.



What Poirier is referring to, of course, is the UFC star's online fitness program 'McGregor Fast' which he has been posting about non-stop on social media.

This comment drew an even larger response from the fans in attendance who roared in hysterics.


But while the arena erupted, there was an eerie silence coming from the other side of the press conference desk.

McGregor, a bloke with arguably the quickest wit out of any UFC fighter in history, had nothing to say.

Not a peep.

As for Poirier, he was seen simply chuckling to himself.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

McGregor reverted back to his usual tactics in a bid to get under Poirier's skin, but they didn't appear to work too well.

"Your wife is your husband, you're only a little b***h of a thing, a silly little hillbilly," McGregor said at one point.

"Jolie's wife, Jolie's wife, Jolie's wife," he then began chanting.

But Poirier didn't care about the below-the-belt remarks, he actually seemed more unimpressed with McGregor's poor attempts to rattle him.

"You used to be better than that, your trash talking used to be better than that. F**king weak," he replied.

Not that press conferences matter in the eyes of the fighters themselves, but if they did then it'd be hard to argue that Poirier wasn't already 1-0 up heading into the bout.

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