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Trash-Talking Conor McGregor Kicks Dustin Poirier During Fiery UFC 264 Press Conference

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Trash-Talking Conor McGregor Kicks Dustin Poirier During Fiery UFC 264 Press Conference

We thought we'd seen the last of Conor McGregor's legendary trash-talking days.

Well, it seems we were all very wrong weren't we.

The Irishman was back to his usual pre-fight antics during his recent press conference with Dustin Poirier ahead of UFC 264 and he certainly didn't disappoint.

The expensive suit, dark sunglasses and expressionless look - it was all on show during the this heated exchange ahead of the biggest card of the year.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Straight from the first whistle, UFC cash cow McGregor came out with the aim of getting under his rival's skin and started off proceedings by getting in his face and pouring Poirier's own brand of hot sauce our on the stage.

But his wild antics didn't stop there.

It wasn't long before he got a below-the-belt chant ringing around the arena aimed at Poirier's wife.


"Your wife is your husband, you're only a little b***h of a thing, a silly little hillbilly," McGregor said.

"Jolie's wife, Jolie's wife, Jolie's wife," he began chanting.

But Poirier fired right back, saying: "You used to be better than that, your trash talking used to be better than that. F***ing weak.


The former dual-division UFC champion interrupted Poirier mid-sentence at what ever opportunity he got before producing a couple of classic one-liners himself - you know, the standard stuff we used to see.

It was like the young, hungry Conor McGregor from 2014 had finally emerged after years in hiding.

"I'm gonna dance on your head," the Irishman said at one point.

"I'm gonna go through his head, put holes in him and take it off his shoulders, that's the goal. He's done here. This is it for him. This is the end of the road for him.


"Saturday night he's getting walked around that octagon like a dog and put to sleep."

As for Poirier, he remained very cool and collected during the entire ordeal and kept the same element of professionalism that has seen him win over the die-hards throughout his 10-year stint in the UFC.

That said, even fan favourite Poirier couldn't avoid the overwhelming boos coming his way from the live crowd during the fiery press conference.


Well, I guess that comes with facing arguably the most popular fighter on the planet, right?

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

There was a couple of times when UFC president Dana White had to step in a split the two combatants up, but even then, you could tell that he was absolutely loving it.

"I think it'll make him hungry," White said of McGregor.

"I think it will make him hungrier. There's two ways this goes: hungrier or, 'I'm done'.

"He's got the money. When you think about it, I'm a huge Rocky fan. This feels like Rocky 3. When you get off a 310-foot yacht, you know what I mean? You're living that good life.

"It's tough to be a savage when you're living like he lives and has the money like he has. On his way up, he was a young, hungry kid, and he didn't have any money and he wanted nice things. He wanted nice suits, nice cars, nice houses. He has everything he ever wanted. I don't know. It goes this way or that way."

And, of course, it wouldn't be a McGregor press conference without a tense face-off at the end.

Rather than just stare deep into his opponent's eyes, McGregor decided to throw a cheeky kick in Poirier's direction as White did his best to keep the duo separated.

It's this sort of mentality that saw McGregor catapulted into superstardom - let's just see if he maintains it when the cage doors slam shut this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: UFC

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