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Former UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub Rescued Three Children From Fatal Car Crash Wreckage

Former UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub Rescued Three Children From Fatal Car Crash Wreckage

Speaking on his​ podcast, an emotional Schaub fought back the tears as he detailed the traumatic experience.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Brendan Schaub has shared a harrowing story which involved him rescuing three children from a fatal car crash in Los Angeles.

Speaking on his "The Fighter and The Kid" podcast, the former UFC heavyweight detailed the traumatic ordeal which took place while he was driving to a dinner with his partner.

According Schaub himself, he noticed a young boy waving for help while standing on a wrecked 18-wheeler vehicle by the side of the road.

Thinking on his feet, Schaub sprung into action and bravely exited his own car on the busy highway to attend the scene.

Brendan Schaub.

Unfortunately, Schaub said that the main passenger of the flipped car - who was the mother of the children - died before he arrived on the scene and he did his best to make sure her kids didn't see that she had passed away.

With gas pouring out of the crashed SUV at a rapid rate, he then quickly found and entry point into the wrecked and started pulling the remaining kids out one by one.

Other witnesses eventually made their way onto the scene and helped Schaub take the children to safety.

The horrifying experience clearly shook Schaub up, as he struggles to fight back the tears while telling the story to his podcast co-hosts.

But the story itself has taken another turn now with reports emerging that the fatal crash was actually caused by the driver of the vehicle who happens to be the victim's husband.

According to newly-released reports from ABC 7, the partner of the mother allegedly intentionally drove into oncoming traffic before fleeing the scene on foot - leaving his partner and children behind.

It's understood that man has now been arrested for murder by California Highway Patrol, although he had to be tased in order to be detained by authorities.

While the children involved only sustained minor injuries, the same couldn't be said for the mother who was declared deceased by officials once an investigation had taken place.

The mother's family have now started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her funeral.

Featured Image Credit: The Fighter and The Kid Clips / YouTube

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