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Dana White Issues 'Cocaine' And 'PEDs' Test To Jake Paul

Dana White Issues 'Cocaine' And 'PEDs' Test To Jake Paul

The UFC president is the latest person to question whether Paul has indulged in substance abuse.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Dana White has thrown down the gauntlet to Jake Paul.

No, unfortunately the two won't be having a scrap anytime soon, but the UFC president has challenged Paul to partake in a cocaine and PEDs test instead.

The trash-talking YouTuber hasn't shied away from calling out White and more specifically fighter pay, although their bitter feud took a dark turn when Paul accused the UFC boss of being a cocaine addict.

Paul even dressed up as White for his Halloween costume this year, posing alongside a fake bag of cocaine.

He then doubled down on his claims in a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, saying: "Everyone knows about Dana's coke habit and the hookers. I'm just a young guy and Dana has the audience I want. He doesn't realise he is playing into my game."

White clearly isn't too happy with these pretty serious accusations and has now fired right back at Paul.

"I got a challenge for Jake Paul," White told THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas.

"This guy keeps saying that I'm a coke head. He can randomly cocaine test me for the next 10 years if I can randomly steroid test him for the next two."

The ball is now in Paul's court.

Throughout his short time as a boxer, Paul has had a number of people question whether he's using performance enhancing drugs.

It was even revealed by John Fury that Paul's fight contract with Tommy Fury didn't state anything about signing up for steroid testing prior to the bout.

The 24-year-old has strongly denied all these allegations of substance abuse.


Paul told MMA Junkie: "My manager sent me that the morning it came out like, 'Hey, by the way, Georges St-Pierre's coach said you're on PEDs.'

"So I swiped up my phone - this is a true story on my mom's life, she's looking me in my eyes (right now) - I swipe up my phone, click Safari and type in, 'What's PEDs?' Then I see it says performance-enhancing drugs.

"I texted my manager back, 'Good thing I had to Google what PEDs are.' But I look at it as a compliment. People are trying to do anything they can to discredit me and take away from this journey. They're already making excuses for him when he loses.

"Test me whenever."

But it seems the tactic of trying to get under White's skin isn't helping when it comes to fighting one of the top current MMA stars.

Paul has been angling for a fight with the likes of Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal but White isn't budging.

"No (would I let people who are under contract fight him)," White said.

"You notice how he wants to fight f**king everybody that's not in his weight class, guys that are older and all this bulls**t. Go fight a boxer. Go hump somebody else's leg, you goofball."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jakepaul/YouTube/THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas.

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