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Shirtless Streaker Hits Golf Balls At US Open Before Getting Tackled By Security

Shirtless Streaker Hits Golf Balls At US Open Before Getting Tackled By Security

You have to admit, his swing technique wasn't too bad.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Who ever said golf was boring?

The final round of the US Open served up an absolute corker when a streaker ran onto the course and started hitting golf balls.

Defending champion Bryson DeChambeau was on the 13th hole at Torry Pines when the shirtless man stormed the course with a golf club in hand.

Making his way onto the fairway, the streaker then lined up one of his own personal golf balls before launching it down the course.

You have to admit, his swing technique wasn't half bad either.

We're not exactly sure where the bloke was aiming, although it looked like he was aiming for somewhere completely off-course - a massive safety hazard in the eyes of US Open officials.

And when the streaker launched a second ball, that's when security swarmed in.

The man produced a couple of questionable dance moves before showing off his basketball handles to the onrushing security guards.

A quick pump fake left the first seccy in his dust before the bloke well and truly turned on the afterburners to leave another in no man's land.

His dash to freedom was stopped in its tracks when a security guard on a golf buggy came rushing in and wrapped him up with a perfectly-executed tackle that Aaron Donald would have been proud of.

A clip of the wild incident was posted online and instantly gained plenty of traction - as you can probably imagine.

And it didn't take too long for eagle-eyed fans to work out who the man in question was.

According to multiple social media users, the streaker is actually popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer Connor Murphy.

Murphy confirmed this theory correct by posting the video on his own Instagram account which boasts nearly half a million followers.

In the caption he penned a poem, which read: "There once was a man at the Open. To open minds he was hopin'. He made a deal with the cops. With the help of his Pops. And from jail he's now elopin'."

As for the US Open itself, Spaniard Jon Rahm ended up edging out Bryson DeChambeau to win his maiden major.

It comes just a few weeks after he was forced to withdraw from the US PGA Memorial Tournament after registering a positive COVID-19 result - despite already having a six-hole lead.⁠

Featured Image Credit: US Open/IG/@connormurphyofficial

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