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Bryson DeChambeau Made His Long-Drive Debut And It Went Exactly How You'd Expect

Bryson DeChambeau Made His Long-Drive Debut And It Went Exactly How You'd Expect

The American big-hitter certainly didn't disappoint in his debut.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Tee it high, let it fly.

Bryson DeChambeau made history by becoming the first full-time PGA Tour pro to compete in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship.

And, well, he certainly didn't disappoint in his debut.

Just two days after wrapping up 2.5 points to help the United States clinch the Ryder Cup, big-hitter DeChambeau has now produced one of the longest dives in an entirely different field.

On his first day in the competition, DeChambeau ended up tying for second place in his group, averaging 406.2 yards from five attempts.

His best, a whopping 412 yards from a monster attempt, was actually the third-longest in the group behind leader Scottie Pearman who notched 413 and Josh Cassaday who had a 417-yard drive.

To put that in perspective, that distance was almost the same height as the world-famous Empire State Building in New York city.

And what perhaps makes that feat even more impressive is the fact that the American's driving average for the 2021 PGA season was only 323.7 yards - which is still far greater than any of his rivals on the Tour.

I mean, DeChambeau is renowned for his ability with the driver, but no one expected his transition into this form of the game to be this smooth.

"I hope I've been received OK. I'm not trying to step on their toes," DeChambeau said of his fellow competitors.

"I want to showcase them. That's the most important thing I can tell you, as much as you guys want to talk about me, I want to highlight these amazingly talented individuals that are doing things I can only dream of in life in terms of ball speed.

"It's something I wanted to hype up and get the world to see it's pretty special."

DeChambeau now advances to the next round of the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship in Mesquite, Nevada.

The field will be whittled down from 64 to 32 and the top eight from each group will then advance to the last 16 ahead of the final itself.

Without getting too ahead of ourselves, if DeChambeau's debut drives are anything to go by, then he stands in good stead of going far in the competition.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / PGA Tour

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