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Sri Lankan Cricketer Kevin Koththigoda Has The Weirdest Bowling Action Ever

Sri Lankan Cricketer Kevin Koththigoda Has The Weirdest Bowling Action Ever

Opposition batsman Tom Banton couldn't quite believe his eyes.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

As far as unique bowling actions go, this one has gotta be up there.

Kevin Koththigoda has revealed his bowling style to the cricket world and, well, let's just say it's very different to what we're used to.

During the Abu Dhabi T10 match between Martha Arabians and Qalandars, England international Tom Banton was on strike to Sri Lankan youngster Koththigoda.

And while he's still relatively unknown on the cricket circuit, no one could have predicted what would happen next.

The look Tom Banton gave after the delivery.

As the spin bowler began his run up, he suddenly jerked his body and produced a very unconventional delivery.

At first, the batsman and entire commentary team thought it was a mistake and that maybe Koththigoda had over-shot his run-up.

But boy they were wrong.

Koththigoda's second delivery was even more wild than his first, which is when everyone finally realised that his bowling action was genuinely that unorthodox.

Cameras zoomed into Banton's face, showing just how caught off guard he was by the whole ordeal.

Koththigoda's technique became more and more exaggerated as the game when on and he even ended up slipping over during one deliver due to the amount of force he was generating.

Fair play to him though, it looks like a hard technique to perfect but he appears to have got it down pat.

Check out the video BELOW.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@crictracker

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