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Tommy Fury Annihilated Jake Paul With One Sentence During Their Press Conference


Tommy Fury Annihilated Jake Paul With One Sentence During Their Press Conference

Jake Paul tried to get a rise out of Tommy Fury, but the Brit quickly shut him down.

The outspoken YouTuber, who never shies away from the odd bit of trash-talking, was left with nothing to say too.

The duo were both attending a press conference ahead of their scheduled bouts this weekend, with Paul facing off against Tyron Woodley and Fury taking on Anthony Taylor.

But while the rivalry between Paul and former UFC champion Woodley is pretty fierce, you could make an argument that grudge match between Paul and Fury is the fight to make for any promoter.


The two characters haven't held back when it comes to trading barbs via social media and their dislike of one another appears to be real.

Well, that tension between the duo looked destined to boil over when they became involved in an exchange at the recent press conference - only for Paul to seemingly back down and roll over.

"I am overlooking Tyron Woodley," Paul said.


"Most people sit up here like Fury and he's like 'Oh, I have a tough opponent.' No, when I know what's going to happen, when I'm confident in my skill, I'm already thinking about the next opponent.

"Why do you think this guy (Fury) is sitting behind me right now?"

And without hesitation, Fury fired right back.

"Your time is coming pal," he said.


"Don't mention my name out of that garbage mouth of yours."

But if you thought Paul would reply with some below-the-belt, uncalled for shot about Fury or his extended family, then you'd be sorely mistaken.

Instead, the YouTuber appeared to ignore Fury's call-out and carried on with whatever point he was trying to make.

Pausing for a slight second, Paul replied: "When you know what's going to happen, it's easy. This is an easy sport."


Correct us if we're wrong, but Paul gave off a strong impression that he "didn't want any smoke" - is that what the kids these days say?

Win, lose or draw in their respective battles, it seems only a matter of time before Fury and Paul lock horns inside the ring to finally settle the score.

That said, they're both clearly trying to play it cool.


"Jake Paul doesn't come into my mind once," Fury said earlier in the press conference.

"I've not thought about him. I don't think about him.

"The only man I've thought about and have been thinking about for this whole training camp is Anthony Taylor.

"Sunday night, I'll get the job done and whatever else lies ahead, we can think about then.

"Until then, this man is getting knocked out cold."

Featured Image Credit: ShowTime

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