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In My Own Words: Once I’m Finished With Dennis Hogan I Want The Big Boys Over In The US And UK

In My Own Words: Once I’m Finished With Dennis Hogan I Want The Big Boys Over In The US And UK

Aussie boxer Tim Tszyu tells SPORTbible Australia about his bout with Dennis Hogan, all the trash-talk leading into it and his future plans.



By Tim Tszyu

I feel very, very good. All the sparring and everything is done so the past few weeks has just involved sharpening up everything. The weight cut has been great too, it's never fun losing those last few kilos but it has got to be done. Every camp has its own challenges but I feel like I'm constantly expanding on everything with each and every session. Now I'm just keen to see what Dennis Hogan brings to the table come fight time.

He's a tricky opponent, of course, but my youth and athleticism will catch him off guard. I want to finish him. If I want to be considered the best then I've got to take all of these guys out. I'm not just going in there to tap and touch my way to a decision victory. No, I'm going in there for one thing and one thing only and that's to seek and destroy.


With Hogan, he's a different style to my previous opponents. And in boxing, every style presents its own unique set of challenges. At the end of the day, it's all about adapting and figuring your opponent out. He's very unorthodox and throws a lot of weird shots but I believe I'll have him sorted. No worries.

As far as his pre-fight trash talk goes, all of that is just noise to me. He seems a bit frustrated in all honesty. He's believing in his own hype which is good and I guess he's just trying to keep his confidence levels up. But, you see, the best thing about boxing is that I get to punish my opponents for anything they've said about me. And as he'll quickly learn, once he gets hit after that very first bell then he'll wish he hadn't talked any smack in the first place.


My sights are firmly set on the bloke that'll be standing opposite me on Wednesday. But don't get me wrong, I definitely see myself over in the US or UK at some point in the near future. My goal has always been to fight the big boys and we're nearly there.

I've got my eye on people like Jermell Charlo, Brian Castano, Liam Smith and even Danny Garcia who's moving up to my division. I kind of feel like I'm flying under the radar here in Australia but when I'm given the opportunity to go overseas then I'm going to take it with both hands and the world is going to be in for a big shock.


My last bout at Bankwest Stadium was legendary because you had 100% of the crowd cheering for you which is really special. This time I'm fighting in Newcastle which is also going to be a lot of fun - my dad actually fought there seven times. Apparently the Newcastle fans are mental so it'll be great to fight in front of Aussie boxing fanatics.

Honestly, I can't wait.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: @No Limit Boxing, Tim Tszyu

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