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250-Pound Tyson Fury Has Challenged 150-Pound Floyd Mayweather To A Fight

250-Pound Tyson Fury Has Challenged 150-Pound Floyd Mayweather To A Fight

Tyson Fury says Floyd Mayweather should fight him when he's finished messing around with Logan Paul.

And what prize would the two fight for? Well, the 'WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt' of course.

'Money Mayweather' is reportedly in talks with American YouTube star Paul over a proposed bout which could see the two mismatches face off in the ring as early as this year.

The one-off exhibition would undoubtedly give both Mayweather and Paul and substantial payday.

Credit: Twitter/KEEMSTAR
Credit: Twitter/KEEMSTAR

And while Paul's predominantly-teenage fanbase from YouTube are probably in love with the idea, professional boxers and pundits haven't held back in slamming Mayweather for it.

That being said, it appears he does have one supporter with WBC heavyweight king Fury throwing his support behind Mayweather's desire to fight YouTubers.

So much so that the 'Gypsy King' wants a crack at the 15-time world champ himself once he's finished with Paul.


"It's show business," Fury told iFL TV.

"If it's going to bring fans to the boxing game then I'm for it.

"Floyd Mayweather's been doing this lately for the Conor McGregor fight and the Japanese guy, now he's on about fighting Logan Paul.


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KSI Gives His Reaction To Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Fight

"He's done all the hard fights against the younger up and coming challengers, he's fought all the Canelo's, he's fought all the [Diego] Corrales' and them people, [Jose] Castillo and the [Ricky] Hatton's, he's done it all.

"So if the guy wants to fight Mr Blobby in his next fight then fair play to him. He's earned the right to pick what he wants to do and have a good little play around in the ring."

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder. Credit: PA
Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder. Credit: PA

And it seems the Gypsy King wants a piece of the pie too.

Boxing Mega-Fight Between Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Reportedly In The Works

Boxing Mega-Fight Between Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Reportedly In The Works

published at5 months ago

Despite fighting in polar opposite divisions throughout their boxing careers, 250-pound Fury has challenged 150-pound great Mayweather to fight for the "WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt".

"The guy is 40 odd years old, I'm sure there's a market for it, so if there's a market for it and people want to see it then why not make it happen?" Fury said.

"And I'm sure everyone will pay for it, pay-per-view, I will, and I'm a boxing fan and I want to see it.


"Everyone will tune in, it's boxing, it's Floyd Mayweather, it's Logan Paul, tune in, pay your 60 dollars and get it.

"It'll be a giggle won't it, you never know what can happen, one is a heavyweight, one is a welterweight.

"After he beats Logan Paul he'll be in prime position to challenge me for the WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt."

We know exactly what you're thinking: 'This will never, ever happen'.

And we totally agree, but it's pretty cool to imagine nonetheless.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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