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Nate Diaz Seemingly Defends Conor McGregor By Responding To Jake Paul's Call-Out

Nate Diaz Seemingly Defends Conor McGregor By Responding To Jake Paul's Call-Out

For some, Jake Paul's trash-talk can be taken with pinch of salt.

But for others, his online antics aren't funny in the slightest - and his words could easily land him in a world of trouble.

So when Nate Diaz comes out to bat for a guy he openly despises, you should probably realise that you're barking up the wrong tree.

Diaz has seemingly jumped to the defence of his age-old rival Conor McGregor after Jake Paul called out the Irishman in a bizarre video on social media.


But it appears it wasn't the call-out itself that got under Diaz's skin.

Like many of us, Diaz understands that when family members get thrown into the picture then you're probably taking the beef a step too far.

And that's exactly what Paul did.


In the viral video posted on his Instagram, the YouTuber took aim at McGregor's wife - a move that didn't sit too well UFC fan favourite Diaz.

Amid the tirade of other abusive language, Paul said: "I know you are probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now or maybe you are jacking off because you are sick of f****** your wife right now because she is a 4 - Conor you could do a lot better."

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And all rivalries aside, even Diaz - a man who has gone back-and-fourth with McGregor for years - knew that bringing close family into the equation was completely out of order.

Nate Diaz Finally Responds After Jake Paul Calls Him Out To Boxing Fight

Nate Diaz Finally Responds After Jake Paul Calls Him Out To Boxing Fight

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Upon seeing Paul's video, the Stockton native took to Twitter himself to put the 23-year-old back in his place.

He tweeted: "Jake Paul u need your a** beat for free u spoiled f*** u can't really fight dumbs*** your gonna end up with your a** whooped for real somewhere talking like that."

Enough said.

Honestly, when bitter rivals start throwing their support behind each other to team up against you then you should probably rein it in.


Nonetheless, Paul hasn't removed the video just yet.

In fact, he's gone a step further and escalated things even more.

In another jab at the UFC megastar, the younger Paul brother has now unfollowed everyone on Instagram except one person: McGregor's partner Dee Devlin.

Knowing that a huge pay day lies ahead, it seems Paul will to go to any length to get that fight against former dual-division champ McGregor - even if it means taking below-the-belt digs in the hope of getting a reaction.

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