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Martyn Ford Responds To 'Iranian Hulk' Punching Concrete With Equally Impressive Video


Martyn Ford Responds To 'Iranian Hulk' Punching Concrete With Equally Impressive Video

Martyn Ford has hit back at his upcoming boxing opponent with a terrifying video showing him training for their bout.

Dubbed the 'Scariest Man on the Planet', the impressively 6 foot 8 inch fighter has booked a match with Sajad Gharibi, aka the Iranian Hulk in London next year.

Considering these two individuals are absolutely massive in their own right, there's no doubt this fight will be one for the history books.

Ford has uploaded a video of him training with a sparring partner, who just unloads a barrage of punches to the MMA fighter's stomach.


He wrote alongside the video: "I absolutely love this S**T....we don't punch walls, we smash STEEL @boxfitcoaching We making a F**king machine .... I promise you that."

Getting punched repeatedly in the stomach is a common training practice in boxing as it teaches the fighter how to effectively lessen the brunt of the blow as well as ensure they don't become winded.

It also helps them build resistance to brutal punches and it looks like Martyn can certainly take a beating.


He was responding to the Iranian Hulk, who recently posted a video showing how he was getting ready for the boxing match.

Gharbi showed off his bizarre workout regimen, which saw him punch concrete walls, rip apart melons, bend metal and slam tyres with a sledgehammer.

Captioning his post, the 29-year-old said: "YES THIS IS PERSONAL... Iranian Hulk never stops. See you April 2nd @martynfordofficial."


Ford didn't seem impressed by all the things Gharbi is able to do out of the ring because, at the end of the day, it's how you fight that matters.

He said on social media: "While he's bending spanners, punching walls, cutting bones and chewing crayons ... I will put myself through the most vigorous fight camp EVER ... I will PROVE to a lot of people what I'm about that night."

Ford said the fight has come about after Gharibi said things that 'can't be taken back' and he is in absolutely no doubt about who will come out on top in the ring.

However, he admitted that viewers were unlikely to be treated to the most technically impressive fight.


"BUT I will promise you that I will bring my absolute EVERYTHING and turn this into an EVENT you will NEVER forget," he said.

"I would absolutely love to pack this arena out and have 20k screaming friends and family show this guy EXACTLY what it means to be strong enough to stand up for what you believe in."

The fight will take place at The O2 in London and you can find out more about the event here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@martynfordofficial/@sajadgharibiofficial

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