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Logan Paul Says He Would 'Beat Up' Mike Tyson

Logan Paul Says He Would 'Beat Up' Mike Tyson

​Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Logan Paul genuinely believes he'd stand a chance against boxing royalty Mike Tyson if the two were to ever square off inside the ring.

But not just that, he reckons he'd somehow "beat him up" too.

Mike Tyson in 2005.

There have been whispers that Iron Mike and Paul could have a boxing match someday, but nothing has been signed off yet.

In the meantime, a clearly-deluded Paul seems more than happy to talk about his potential opponent and how he could comfortably hand him a loss.

"Mike Tyson's too old," he told reporters at his brother Jake's press conference.

"So what happens if I fight Mike Tyson? I beat up and old man? That's not cool.

"Bro, what are we talking about? He's too old dude. I got the reflexes of a cat. Like a young, quick feline, brother."

"I love Mike, I can't fake it, but I think I can beat Mike.

"Bro, I'm telling you, I would f**king beat up Tyson. If people would watch that fight then yeah I'd do it.

"We saw with Floyd, dude. There's no f**king reason that I should have been able to last - not just last, Floyd's on my highlight reel dog. There's no reason that should be possible.

"He's ageing. Father time takes a toll on everyone and Tyson's 56. What happens if I go in there and knock him out? For what?"

Just remember, this is the same bloke who boasts a 0-1 record.

As for Tyson, he has 50 wins to his name and has fought in some of the biggest boxing matches in the sport's history.

It remains to be seen whether we witness Iron Mike and Logan Paul throws hands inside a ring, but if you could hazard a guess at who would win, you'd obviously have it going in the former heavyweight champ's favour - even at 56.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Fight Hub TV / PA

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