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Jake Paul Is Wearing 'One Of A Kind' LED Fight Shorts And Fans Think It's Illegal

Jake Paul Is Wearing 'One Of A Kind' LED Fight Shorts And Fans Think It's Illegal

Has there ever been another professional boxer in history use LED lights in their trunks before?

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Jake Paul is continuing to redefine the sport of boxing, this time wearing never-before-seen boxing trunks made from LED lights for his bout with Tyron Woodley.

Incredibly, the bright orange shorts use vintage LEDs to show the YouTuber's name rotating around his waistline.

Having your nickname or surname on your shorts is a standard procedure for professional boxers.

But, if we can remember correctly, you'll struggle to think of any top-level boxing star who has used actual LEDs in their trunks before.

Viewers watching from home first saw the one-of-a-kind shorts when ShowTime conducted a backstage interview with 24-year-old Paul ahead of his grudge match against the former UFC champ.

While the audio from the interview had really poor quality thanks to the blaring rap music coming from Paul's locker room, peoples' attention quickly turned to something else entirely.

As the YouTuber-turned-boxer continued skipping during the beginning of the interview, you could see him donning the unique trunks which ultimately project his name around his waist band at 360 degrees.

When the interview finally ended, Jake said: "Have you ever seen shorts like these before?"

Boxing fans immediately flocked to social media to share their thoughts on the futuristic shorts, with some people loving them while others weren't too fond.

Meanwhile, some people questioned whether the trunks were actually legal and had been sanctioned by the commission.

One bloke tweeted: "I'm surprised they are allowed - pretty distracting."

While another added: "Bro got a digital screen wtf."

As a thirds chimed in, saying: "Surely he isn't allowed to do this?"

Either way, in typical Jake Paul fashion, his antics appear to have got people talking yet again.

Featured Image Credit: ShowTime Boxing

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