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Jake Paul Roasted By Fans For 'Atrocious' Technique During Punch Bag Session

Max Sherry


Jake Paul Roasted By Fans For 'Atrocious' Technique During Punch Bag Session

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ShowtimeBoxing

Fans have flocked to social media to absolutely slaughter Jake Paul.

And no, it's not because of some outlandish comment that he's made again or that he's just generally being a tool.

This time, his skeptics are criticising something a lot closer to home for the YouTuber.

People are roasting the 24-year-old for his pretty average technique on display during a recent punch bag drill - these criticisms coming just days out from arguably the biggest boxing match of his life

In a video posted online, the trash-talking YouTuber is seen looking pretty gassed while throwing lazy right-hand punches.

Granted, he might just have completed an energy-zapping two-hour-long session prior to this video being taken, but his harshest critics clearly don't care either way.

When the clip was posted by respected promoters Showtime Boxing, Paul was immediately bombarded with brutal comments from social media users.

One person replied: "Jake still has no clue how to box. That right hand is atrocious. Hands down, doesn't bring his guard back up. It's slow and telegraphed. As soon as he fights a boxer he's done. Even an amateur boxer would nail him."

While another added: "3 years training boxing everyday and he still can't hold his hands up."

As one bloke said: "I'd recommend some boxing lessons. They're not that expensive and you can learn a few basic things like how to throw a right cross."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

But while some people took joy in slating Paul, others focused on the female boxer in the background of the video in order to highlight just how vastly-different their techniques are.

Paul has been working closely with world champion boxer Amanda Serrano ahead of his highly-anticipated bout against Tyron Woodley and in the clip you can definitely tell which one of them has spent their entire life inside a ring.

One social media user commented: "Look at the difference in the two boxers. The pro is tight and efficient whilst the pretender telegraphs his punches and almost breaks his own leg, atrocious footwork. And he's got Canelo in his sights lol?"

While another chimed in, saying: "Amanda's form is impressive, kept her hand up after throwing the cross. Jake on the other hand, keep working lol..."

With one adding: "Amanda's form and technique are impressive!"

The savage comments probably be water off a duck's back for Paul though, who is currently riding an undefeated streak while taking the boxing world by storm

His arrival on the scene has left boxing fans divided with some people loving the extra eyeballs he brings to the sport while others simply despise him.

The Paul brothers' relentless trash-talking and necessity to call-out every name under the sun has catapulted both of them into the professional combat sports spotlight - it even earned older sibling Logan a fight against one of the greatest boxers of all-time in Floyd Mayweather.

The duo certainly know how to get people talking about them and a host of big-name mixed martial artists and boxers are now queuing up to get their hands on the pair.

This time, it's former UFC champion Tyron Woodley's turn.

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Max Sherry
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