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Jake Paul Offers To Fight 'Cringe Old Man' John Fury

Jake Paul Offers To Fight 'Cringe Old Man' John Fury

"He has a mediocre boxing record and the best thing he ever did was have sex with Tyson’s mum to spawn Tyson."

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Jake Paul isn't too happy following Tommy Fury's last-minute withdrawal from their boxing match - and understandably so.

Over the past few days, Tommy has been absolutely slated online for backing out of the fight with a supposed rib injury and chest infection.

The majority of the comments have come from Paul's direction, although it seems the American has now turned his attention to Tommy's extended family.

John Fury.

The YouTuber has since locked in a rematch against Tyron Woodley as a replacement for former Love Island contestant Tommy, but Paul admits he'd be more than happy to accept a fight against another Fury.

No, not heavyweight world champion Tyson, but rather 57-year-old John Fury.

"You are a cringe old man. He's an old, miserable man who never accomplished anything in his life," Paul told talkSPORT.

"He has a mediocre boxing record and the best thing he ever did was have sex with Tyson's mum to spawn Tyson.

"That's his only accomplishment - having a giant kid who became heavyweight champion of the world.

"I would fight John Fury, for sure.

"I think it would be hilarious. I was hoping he would have punched the TV.

"If he would have done it, man that would have been the most legendary press conference moments ever. He's kind of a p***y for not.

"I would fight him. I would fight the whole family.

"If Tyson moves down to cruiserweight I would fight Tyson no problem."

These sorts of injuries and subsequent withdrawals happen in boxing all the time, but Tommy's seems to have made plenty of headlines.

A number of big-name stars and fans alike have flocked to social media to slam him for not sucking it up and going ahead with the bout.

Paul was one of those people, even suggesting that Tommy would have to return his girlfriend's Christmas presents after failing to collect the massive pay cheque he's get from fighting Paul.

"The whole fight build-up got to him and now he fumbled the biggest opportunity of his life, the biggest pay day of his life," he said.

"He's going to have to return all the Christmas presents he got Molly as he has no way of paying for them.

"The door is closing [for Tommy Fury]. He's not reliable. He didn't show up to the first press conference. He's faking these injuries or whatever they are.

"It's upsetting. So if he's doing that now, then what is stopping him from doing it next year. For me, in a cynical way, I just want to leave him in the dust and never give him this opportunity again."

Featured Image Credit: PA/talkSPORT

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