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Jake Paul Makes Bet With Tyron Woodley, Loser Has To Get Rival's Name Tattooed On Them

Jake Paul Makes Bet With Tyron Woodley, Loser Has To Get Rival's Name Tattooed On Them

The stakes have just gotten even higher.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

Jake Paul has just made a bet with Tyron Woodley ahead of their boxing match next month.

And, well, let's just say the stakes have gotten even higher.


Appearing at their pre-fight press conference, Paul and Woodley traded barbs early on but things took an entirely different turn when the trash-talking YouTuber suggested the duo should engage in a not-so-friendly bet.

Clearly trying to rattle his opponent, Paul proposed a bet that the loser of their bout would have to get the winner's name tattooed on their body and upload a picture of it to Instagram.

Woodley looked hesitant at first, asking the live press conference audience: "What do ya'll think? Ya'll think I should do it?"

Realising that he was getting under Woodley's skin, Paul then added: "Bro, this guy has no confidence."

Then Woodley cracked.

"Deal," he said with a straight face.

Paul then stood up and extended his arm and Woodley, clearly not thinking after being put on the spot, firmly shook his hand.

Oh dear.

Granted, former UFC champion Woodley is probably the favourite given his superior combat experience, although you never know when it comes to boxing.

While he hasn't fought anyone remotely close to the calibre of fighter Woodley is, Paul does currently boast an undefeated record inside the ring and definitely has a "puncher's chance" against T-Wood.

This bet just adds another element to this wild circus and surely it gives Woodley another incentive to knock the 24--year-old out.

If shutting Paul up with a brutal KO wasn't good enough, he then gets to see his name get tattooed on him for good measure too.

But if he loses, well, let's not even go there.

As for the rest of the press conference, it mainly consisted of Woodley and Paul throwing playground insults at each other.

Paul would discuss Woodley's poor MMA record of recent years and the fact that he's on a four-fight losing streak.

Whereas Woodley mainly talked about how much better he is than his bleach blonde-haired opponent and he plans on dismantling him come August 29.

When fight time arrives, we shall see who gets their hand raised - and which fighter is left with an embarrassing tattoo on their body for the rest of their lives.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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