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Deontay Wilder Refused To Answer A Single Question During His Press Conference With Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder Refused To Answer A Single Question During His Press Conference With Tyson Fury

Wilder wore headphones with music blaring through them while also donning a pair of dark sunglasses as he sat in complete silence.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

A code of silence.

Deontay Wilder left everyone scratching their heads after he refused to answer any questions during his pre-fight press conference with Tyson Fury.

Instead of trading barbs with Fury to hype up their upcoming heavyweight trilogy bout, the former world champion simply sat slumped back in his chair and ignored all the questions coming his way.


Actually, that's a lie.

Wilder probably didn't hear the questions in the first place because he decided to block them out by wearing big headphones which had music blaring out of them.

Oh, and he also donned a pair of dark sunglasses too.

Was this some sort of mind games Deontay Wilder was engaging in? Or did he simply not care?

Either way, it seems like rather strange behaviour for someone who was desperately keen to get this fight over the line thus derailing one of the biggest fights in boxing history between Fury and his fellow compatriot Anthony Joshua.

Other than his opening statement where Wilder promised "bloodshed", every question coming from emcee Crystina Poncher was deflected straight to his trainer Malik Scott while the man himself sat their stone-faced and silent.

Unsurprisingly, this didn't sit well with 'The Gypsy King' who said his rival was "letting himself down" and "letting his fans down".

"It shows how weak of a mental person he is," Fury replied when asked his thoughts on Wilder's code of silence.

"It shows how much the beating from the last fight has taken an emotional and physical effect on his life.

"I was worried about Deontay Wilder for quite a while after the defeat I gave him. Obviously he's doing his little thing with his earphones on and he doesn't want to answer any questions, that's up to him. I'm here to promote a fight and talk to the press - what I always do.

"So if Deontay Wilder doesn't want to commit to this press conference, then I'll take his part. I'll play a double character if you want? I'm quite good at this role playing stuff so I'll be both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury and we'll play a little game."

When asked why Wilder sat there in complete silence the whole time, his trainer said he's in a "violent mood" ahead of the bout.

"He's just not feeling it, man," Scott told ESPN.

"What I could say is he's in a very violent mood. He's been like that in training camp. He shuts down. And honestly, I don't mind it. I think this fight sells itself. I think him not saying nothing is selling itself. Boxing is quirky. Boxing is weird."

Wilder's gag order wasn't the only strange moment to come out of the press conference.

The conclusion of the media day took a rather bizarre turn when Fury and Wilder engaged in one of the longest - and most bizarre - face-off's in boxing history which lasted for a whopping five minutes and 33 seconds in total.

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