Boxer's Body Literally Folds In Half After Devastating Knockout

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Boxer's Body Literally Folds In Half After Devastating Knockout


Once a knockout happens, we often analyse how bloody good it was.

But in this case, you almost feel bad even talking about it.

South African boxer Wasim Chellan produced one of the scariest knockouts we've ever seen.


And it wasn't necessarily because of its perfect power and timing or even its highlight-reel technique.

No, the reason why the footage of the knockout has gone viral online is because of how Chellan's poor opponent ended up looking.

In boxing, the term "folding someone in half" is used every so often when a fighter well and truly puts their opponent to the slaughter.


But when it comes to Chellan's opponent, Yann Lenvo, his entire body quite literally holded in half.

After receiving a devastating left hook to the chin, Lenvo was knocked out cold while somehow remaining on his feet.

But instead of tumbling over sideways and hitting the deck, something entirely different happened.

As Lenvo's upper body crumbled, his legs simply buckled under the weight and he fell backwards while his legs were still planted in the ring.


This resulted in his body, well, folding.

He'll undoubtedly have woken up the next morning with sore knees, hips and back.

Not to mention a bruised jaw to go with his ego.

Brutal, brutal stuff.


It turns out the bout itself actually happened back in 2020 but Fight Africa re-shared it recently to promote an event that features Chellan himself.

There's no sign of Lenvo on the card though, let's hope he's alright.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@FightAfrica1

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