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The 'Impossible' 24mph Treadmill Sprint That Is Blowing Everybody's Mind

The 'Impossible' 24mph Treadmill Sprint That Is Blowing Everybody's Mind

Most of you reading this will have witnessed a friend maxing out a treadmill at the local gym.

Seconds later, they struggle to keep up with the speed and fall over, but Henderson State University wide receiver Zac Newbell doesn't fall flat on his face like 99% of others. In fact, he does something rather remarkable.

Newbell's almost impossible turn of pace has broke the internet, as he records an incredible top speed of 24mph as he prepared for the new season.


It may just be a six second video, but this is by far the most impressive thing we've seen this week. What a beast!

The clip is genuinely mind blowing, with many commenting how the feat is actually possible. It genuinely looks like his legs are going to fly off.

He later gives credit to his training team, Armed Sports Performance, for their work.


On the company's website, it describes this 'super treadmill' - a piece of equipment hat can go from "0-28 miles per hour and is capable of an incline up to 40 percent and decline to 10 percent."

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Zac isn't the only pacey customer we've seen take it to the next level.

Meet Rudolph Blaze Ingram, the 6-year-old who is taking the internet by storm because he constantly breaks ankles with his incredible turn of speed on the football pitch.


'Blaze' is not only rapid on the field, but he is also a national track champion. The lad from Tampa Bay, Florida, cannot be stopped, seriously.

Back in 2017, Ingram was crowned a two-time AAU national champion, with 20 golds medals. He also claimed the number one spot in in the national 55 meter sprint, beating his fellow competitors with ease.

Ingram, who currently plays for Tampa Ravens, might be one of the smallest players on the field, but his runs from deep cause absolute havoc.



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