Drew Gulak Would Welcome Brock Lesnar 'Cutting Some Weight' To Join 205 Live

Confidence is certainly not in short supply for Drew Gulak. After defeating Akira Tozawa and Tony Nese to win his first WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Stomping Grounds, the egotistical grappler has more self-belief than ever. By the time he'd finished speaking to SPORTbible and the rest of the international media, it would have been quicker to write a list of people he did not call out.

Gulak faces former champion Tony Nese this coming Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules, live on the WWE Network. However he already has his eyes on bigger challenges. And they don't come much bigger than WWE legend and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar, who was a surprise name on Gulak's hit-list.

"I'd like to see Brock Lesnar cut a load of weight and join 205 Live because I think it would be cool to see. Then we could really see what he's made of."

Drew Gulak 3
Drew Gulak 3

While expecting one of WWE's most decorated heavyweights to lose weight and drop down a division might seem outlandish, Gulak managed to top it with his next desired opponent. Drew wants to take the fight out of the wrestling arena and into the political arena, and he's already got one of US History's most prominent figures in his sights.

"One opponent for a dream match ever? I'd probably fight Abraham Lincoln. I heard he was a really good wrestler. He's one of the Presidents of the United States Of America. Someone this country founded a lot of ideals upon. I think we'd match up well technically, I'd love to see how that plays out."

As for wrestlers who are actually in Gulak's weight class, and aren't long-deceased former Presidents, Drew is unimpressed. He had some harsh words for the current crop of 205 Live superstars vying for his newly-acquired gold.

"I look around the 205 Live roster and I don't see too many people who are worthy of a championship match right now. You have a lot of skilled guys but I don't think their hearts are in the right place to challenge for a championship. And also I don't want to look past Tony Nese, he's my next opponent and really he's who I've been focusing on."

Drew Gulak 2
Drew Gulak 2

While he is the recently-crowned king of the cruiserweights, Drew Gulak has not ruled out venturing up in weight on occasion.

"I absolutely would not be opposed to competing outside of my weight class, I'm no stranger to that. I've been wrestling for a long time. I've fought people well over 400 pounds before so that's not a problem for me. Right now it's nice to have my weight class and be focused on that, because it's a completely different skill set to focus on. I think right now the focus is on ascending the mountain, and growing the mountain."

One thing is for sure, if Drew makes the move up to heavyweight then Brock Lesnar will be waiting for him.

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