Seth Rollins Claims Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal Title Run Devalued The Title

Seth Rollins has continued to stoke the flames of his rivalry with Brock Lesnar by claiming that the 'Beast Incarnate's' Universal title run ruined the title's legacy, something he hopes to reverse as champion.

For all but 75 days of the previous two years before Wrestlemania 35 Brock Lesnar was the WWE Universal champion.

Lesnar's schedule meant that despite his two long title runs, which were only interrupted by a short stint from Roman Reigns before leukemia led to Reigns vacating the title, the former UFC star didn't defend the title too often.

Most weeks the 41 year old didn't even turn up on Monday night RAW, even choosing to send his advocate Paul Heyman on some weeks, and Lesnar was never at live events.

At 'Mania' earlier this month Lesnar finally lost the title to Seth Rollins with the former Shield member taking the moniker of 'Beast Slayer' after defeating the 'Beast Incarnate.'

Speaking on a conference call ahead of the WWE's UK Tour next week the new Universal champion was asked about his goals now he's champion and revealed he thinks the man he took the belt off had devalued it, saying:

"My most immediate goal is to be a champion of the people. With Brock Lesnar carrying the title in the way he did over the last couple of years, sought of defending it when the time was right, against the right people, in my opinion it devalued the title.

"I think he thought he was making it more prestigious but to me having the title on the show every week and having a champion who defends it on a regular basis only makes the title, and its legacy, grow.

"That's my goal right now, for the duration of 2019, is to be the absolute best champion I can be, that starts at Money in the Bank coming up in a few weeks when I make, my first PPV title defence against AJ Styles, which is a match I've been looking forward to for a very long time."

Rollins shows off his title belt. Image: WWE
Rollins shows off his title belt. Image: WWE

Despite his clear problems with the six time WWE champion Rollins did say that he would give Lesnar a rematch down the line.

Asked about facing the 2003 Royal Rumble winner the new champ still took a dig at Lesnar about his title reign, saying, "I'd be up for the task. The thing is, I'm down for a challenge. If you're the kind of champion who rests on his laurels and says 'Oh no I already beat that guy. He's not worthy,' or whatever, then that's not the kind of champion I want to be.

"I want to be a champion who defines a title and I want to take on all challengers and, whilst Brock Lesnar is living and breathing, he is most certainly a capable challenger for the universal championship.

"I beat him once so I'm not afraid to give it another shot. I'd definitely be open for giving him a rematch, even though I know what's at stake if he were to beat me. It's a tough call but I've got to say 'let's fight' and figure it out later."

Rollins will be in the UK from Wednesday May 8th until Friday May 17th and then faces AJ Styles in his much anticipated title defence at Money in the Bank.

Will Lesnar and Styles meet again?

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