The Rock Rumoured To Be A 2019 Hall Of Fame Entrant

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson could be part of WWE's Wrestlemania weekend in April with the former superstar, turned actor, rumoured to be a member of the Hall of Fame's 'Class of 2019.'

For most people in their mid-late twenties to their thirties WWE's Attitude Era will always be a special, memorable time. Where Stone Cold showed us the way to stand up to our boss and Vince McMahon instructed the man who'd been stalking his family to kidnap his daughter, happy times.

But the one man who mostly impacted our lives was The Rock. Who didn't ask someone their name and then quickly snap, 'IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS,' before they could answer, call someone a 'Jabroni,' or tell them the directions to 'Know Your Role Boulevard.'


The most electrifying man in all sports entertainment was a fan's favourite even on the occasions when he wasn't, and it was always easy to see why.

He still occasionally turns up in WWE, especially for Wrestlemania, but can usually be seen on bigger screens in Hollywood movies these days.

However once again this summer he could be set for the 'grandest stage of them all,' or at least the weekend. According to some rumours, as reported by Rajah, the Rock could be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

The Rock and Stone Cold's rivalry is legendary. Image: WWE
The Rock and Stone Cold's rivalry is legendary. Image: WWE

The report goes on to suggest that this might be part of the reason the ceremony has been moved back to its traditional Saturday night before Wrestlemania.

In the last few years WWE have had their NXT: Takeover show on the Saturday and moved the Hall of Fame to Friday but they'll be switching back in April.

That could be because of The Rock's filming schedule for whatever his latest project is. If it allowed him to turn up in New York on the Saturday but not the Friday it would make total sense.

Whether that would then mean the 10 time world champion would appear the next night at 'Mania' or not is anyone's guess.

The Rock would be a huge draw for the Hall of Fame show and would certainly guarantee more people tuned in and bought tickets.

Could the Brahma Bull be about to be immortalised?

Ryan Sidle

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