When Conor McGregor Pulled Up Alongside Two Irish Lads Imitating Him

Imagine imitating Conor McGregor on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, and then the man himself rolls up.

Well, that's exactly what happened a few years ago.

Brilliant scenes.

Just two lads casually throwing some MMA shapes after a night of drinking before a black car pulls up besides them, and it's none other than McGregor.

It takes a few seconds for the Irish fellas to recognise McGregor but when they do, the pair can't believe their eyes.

Two lads imitate McGregor.
Two lads imitate McGregor.

Conor McGregor rolls up.
Conor McGregor rolls up.

Ahead of his grudge match with Nate Diaz back at UFC 196, McGregor relocated to Los Angeles for training before heading out to Las Vegas for fight week.

And while cruising around California, the Irishman spotted a cardboard cut out sporting the famous tri-colours after driving to the gym every day.

(McGregor walking out to the Octagon at UFC 196 draped with the Irish flag)

He even said he'd pop over. McGregor - a man of his word - did exactly that, the next day.

Once the 'Notorious' stepped foot inside the pad, he was greeted with a "HOLY SHIT, man!" The fan couldn't believe his eyes before he broke into uncontrollable laughter.

I don't blame him, McGregor is inside your fucking place! The power of having a cardboard cut out on your balcony.

Check out the footage below which includes the fan geeking out after receiving McGregor merchandise courtesy of the UFC champ:

McGregor would eventually suffer his first UFC loss to the hands of MMA cult-hero Diaz who peppered him with strikes on the feet before sinking in a rear naked-choke. Yet we all know what happened in their rematch.

But this brilliant throwback should remind us that McGregor is a man of the people.

Even if you passionately dislike him, you can't argue with this brilliant gesture. It's a moment the fan will never forget and rightfully so.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar is a journalist at SPORTbible. He graduated from Bath Spa University with a BA in Media Communications. He's a combat sport aficionado, and has contributed to MMA websites AddictedMMA and CagePotato. Nasir has covered some of the biggest fights, while interviewing the likes of Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and Anthony Joshua. He's also an avid Bristol City fan.

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