5 Foot 4 Fighter Beats 6 Foot 7 Fighter In MMA Bout In Brazil

Just when you thought you had seen everything in combat sports, a Brazilian MMA promotion booked a crazy fight between a bloke standing at 5 foot 4 and a 6 foot 7 fighter.

Celso and Savio had a real-life David vs Goliath bout at the Favela Combat 31 event in a featherweight division over the weekend and this fella's reaction is all of us when we saw the ridiculous size difference between the pair:

Savio, 1 foot and three inches taller than his opponent, had a monumental reach and height advantage to the point that it genuinely looked like a year 7 and a year 11 having a scrap in a cage.

But he lacked power and conviction with his strikes and incredibly, it was Celso who picked up the unlikely victory on decision - with the referee raising his hand and the two sharing a little and large embrace at the end of the fight.

You can watch the fight in full here:

It's not the first time that a mixed martial arts bout between two blokes at the opposite end of the spectrum has taken place, and like in this instance, it was the smaller man who emerged victorious.

Hong Man Choi and 5ft-10 welterweight Yi Long went toe-to-toe in one of the most bizarre fights of all time.

In this extraordinary match-up, there was a single nine-minute round and the fight could only be won by KO.

It didn't take long for the knockout to happen and it was Yi Long, dubbed the "Shaolin Monk" who provided it.

He planted a spinning kick to the giant's abdomen and the big man could not find it within him to continue.

Josh Lawless

Josh is a writer who specialises in football and wrestling. He has been published by Curzon Ashton FC, Late Tackle, Manchester City FC, The Mirror, Read Man City and Manchester Evening News. He provides coverage of professional wrestling and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field - including the first UK interview with The Hardy Boyz after their return to WWE. He has never sported a pair of Lonsdale Slip-ons, contrary to reports.

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