Piers Morgan Would Bet £1Billion 'Roger Federer Would Beat Serena Williams 6-0 6-0' During Heated Debate

Piers Morgan made a bold statement that he would wager an astronomical £1billion on Roger Federer thrashing Serena Williams in straight sets.

Speaking after England's World Cup semi-final defeat to the US, the outspoken TV personality ended up getting into a heated exchange with Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid.

And Morgan, 54, brought up the comparison between Federer and Williams when he was talking about the standard of men's football compared to women's.

"Serena Williams would be beaten by the top 200 men in Wimbledon," the ex-Daily Mirror editor said.

"It doesn't mean she's not a superstar of the game.

"Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams 6-0 6-0. We know that."

But Reid, 48, couldn't help but pull a face at Morgan's claim and he responded by continuing his argument against his co-host.

"It would," he said, before adding: "I love the way you don't think this would happen.

"Everybody in the game knows it would happen.

"She knows it would happen."

Reid responded to Morgan by arguing that tennis superstar Williams, 37, is at the "top of her game" and that Federer struggled in one of his performances.

But Morgan fired back by saying that "Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams 6-0 6-0."

He continued: "It's just a fact."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

While Reid pointed out that it wasn't a fact because it hadn't happened, her fiery co-host responded with his £1billion claim.

"I'll bet you £1billion that Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams a 100 times out of a 100," he said.

"You wanna take the bet or not? No? Because you know you're talking nonsense."

Reid laughed off his £1billion bet by saying that she didn't have that much cash.

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Credit: PA

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Credit: PA

While other members of the panel said Morgan couldn't be sure that would happen, he pointed to the example of when the Australian women lost to an under-15 boys in a football match.

"The Australian team were number five in the world and two years ago got beaten by an under-15 boys amateur team," he said.

A disheartened Reid asked if it was "true" and said "blimey" before Morgan said they "got beaten like 7-1 or something [they actually lost 7-0 to the Newcastle Jets under-15 boys]."

Agree or disagree with Morgan?

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