EA Reveals Absurd Odds Of Getting Rare Player On FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

You might think spending money on FIFA Ultimate Team is a good idea but it seems that you're better off leaving your money in the bank when it comes to FIFA 19.

Earlier this year, EA announced that players will be able to see the odds of opening packs within FIFA 19's Ultimate Team game mode, and it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.

Most of us have spent our hard-earned cash trying to pack the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, only to walk away with Marouane Fellaini and Mark Noble - no offence, guys, but we've got you 100 times already.

Because of this, Ultimate Team fans have wanted EA to disclose pack odds ever since they were introduced in FIFA 09, but now? I bet the majority wish they'd never asked.

The chances of finding the best players in the game are so small that EA hasn't even listed the percentage, it says "Less than 1%." That means the chance of packing a player who's part of the current Ones To Watch roster could be 1%, 0.1%, or even 0.01% - I bet you didn't think it was this hard!

Even in Premium Gold packs, the odds of getting a 84+ rated footballer is still pretty slim. There's a 4.7% chance you can get one, but this suggests it's just as easy to pack Dele Alli as it is Lionel Messi - which is certainly not the case.

The new feature definitely needs improving. Maybe each rating should have a separate percentage alongside, rather than stopping at 84, to show gamers the rarity of higher-rated players?

It will be interesting to discover how pack odd disclosures will impact EA's FIFA profits, although we'll probably never know. I know I'll be avoiding packs like the plague, until no doubt giving in, once again, when my best player is Andros Townsend.

Let us know what you think about FIFA pack odds. Has it stopped you from playing? Will you still buy them? Are they worse than expected? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: EA

Matthew McGladdery

Matthew McGladdery graduated with a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Salford University, where he worked at Revolution 96.2, Global Radio, and Fleetwood F.C. When he left university, he took on the role of co-editor for the Salfordian and worked as freelancer for the likes of BBC Sport. He continues to work in sport but loves talking all things Xbox, PS4, and PC just as much.

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