At the end of Rocky III the title character and his former opponent turned friend Apollo Creed end the film inside of a training ring as both men throw punches at the same time and one MMA fight has ended the same way, minus the freeze frame.

In the film Creed helps Rocky to regain the world heavyweight title before the man who Rocky beats for his first title gets a rematch inside the gym the pair train at.

The movie ends with a freeze frame just as the two men both throw knockout punches but unfortunately we never find out exactly who lands the lustiest blow, shame.

Real life MMA fighters Axel Cazarez and Alan Vasquez reenacted the moment inside a cage both knocking the other one down at the same time:

(Credit Shamrock FC)

It's impressive timing from the two men to knock each other down at the same time.

It perfectly sums up how difficult and important it is to watch out for the counter strike when you open yourself up in either MMA or boxing.

Vasquez picked up the win as he was able to get back to his feet and show some composure.

The referee on the other hand gave a clearly stumbling and dazed Cazares a standing count before calling the bout off.

Now the pair just have to ignore any fights with big Russian dudes otherwise one of them might go the way of Creed!

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