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This MMA Fighter's Faceplant Knock Out Is Absolutely Unbelievable

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MMA fighter Luis Raul Alvarez was dominating a fight against Martin Georges when he decided it was time to pull out something special.

The fighter attempted to throw Georges over his shoulder, but instead the unfortunate opponent faceplanted into the mat and it was all over from there. It was more brutal than actually fully pulling the manoeuvre off.

Watch a video of the knockout here...

Credit: Fight Time Promotions

The blow rendered Georges unconscious, ending the contest with a deserved victory for Raul Alvarez, in a scene that I can only describe as reminiscent of Ryu in SNES classic Street Fighter 2.

In fact, the finishing blow was delivered in such spectacular fashion the crowd wasn't really sure how to react to what they'd seen.


Featured Image Credit: Fight Time Promotions

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