Mick Foley is a many of many different looks.

Throughout his wrestling career, he was Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love - three utterly completely different characters with distinct looks.

But if we're being honest, we've only ever really known him as a large bloke with scraggly hair and missing teeth, who would go to extreme lengths and take unimaginable bumps for the good of the show and to entertain fans.

In December, the Raw General Manager announced that he had lost a massive 100lbs thanks to DDP Yoga, in what is a fantastic accomplishment.

He's been on our screens weekly with his big bushy beard, alongside commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

And now a slimmer Foley has changed things up even further in his hair and beard.

He debuted a new look last week on Raw after presumably going to the barbers and doing the usual "Yeah sound that, mate" when he shows you your hair in the mirror.

The clippers were out again though and this week Foley had an even shorter trim that isn't too dissimilar from the hairstyle The Hardcore Legend sported when he was the WWF commissioner back in 2000.

We're just waiting for the return of those backstage offices that wrestling fans remember seeing back in 2000.

But for casual fans, who only real know Mick as that crazy bloke who used to fall off things, Foley's new look might need some getting used to.

Josh Lawless

Was once told that Ousmane Dabo was going to be a Manchester City legend.

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