WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has gone in on the other Divas (female wrestlers) in a controversial interview.

During the low-budget show, the Diva revealed which of the female wrestlers had boob jobs and who she deemed a 'ho'. Clearly she's not looking to make friends.

Credit: YouTube/YouShoot

She named Carmella Decesare, Ariel and Melina as 'hos', while also outing several Divas for having fake breasts.

The whole thing just stinks of nasty highschool talk, but it's very much encouraged by the interviewer, Sean Oliver, who's just as much of an arse during the excruciating interview.

At one point, Oliver asks if Ivanka Trump was a 'ho', to which Maria laughs and says 'oh yeah' before disregarding her name.

You can watch the whole thing (and feel just as awkward as me) here.

Featured Image Credit: Maria Kanellis-Bennett

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