There's a reason WWE superstar The Big Show goes by that exact name - that being because he's absolutely massive and he'd deck you with one swift hook.

The Big Show, real name Paul Wight, is 7 foot 4, has a fist the size of your head and is just an absolute mountain of a man.

Having got so big due to a rare growth hormone related condition known as 'Acromegaly', no-one in the right mind would mess with him.

Except one plonker decided to, many years ago.

Back in 1998 when he was working for WCW, Show was in a bar and was involved in an incident with a chap named Robert Sawyer.

Big Show, then simply but quite rightly known as "The Giant", had just finished wrestling in a nearby show and was drinking in a bar near the hotel that he was staying at.

According to reports, around 100 fans were also present in this particular bar, along with Sawyer, who himself was a fairly big bloke at 6 foot 6 and 220lbs.

The 30-year old felt the need to irritate Big Show - with witnesses saying that he was insulting and gesturing towards the big man.

Someone at the scene said some of the insults Sawyer directed at Wight were "you're not that big" and "go to another federation" as well as aiming an obscene gesture - not a smart thing to say by any stretch of the imagination.

Show was waving it away, saying that he "asked very politely to stop doing all the cursing and stuff" but Sawyer wasn't having none of it and proceeded to shove the then WCW wrestler - causing him to flip.

In footage below, a 25-year old Big Show landed a clean right hook that put Sawyer on his arse and shattered his jaw.

The decked man filed a complaint against the wrestler, with the court eventually ruling that Wight had acted in self-defence and was not guilty of the assault charge.

Don't mess with The Big Show.

(h/t Craziest Sports Fights)

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