Ronnie O'Sullivan Lets Pitch Invader Take Shot On The Black And Misses...Twice

Pitch invasions are most common in football games but we have previously seen one in Snooker when Ronnie O'Sullivan made light work of Zhang Yong in the English Open in Barnsley back in October.

The 42-year old, quite the character in the sport, beat his opponent 4-1 in a routine victory, to secure his spot in the fourth round of the tournament.

And as he finished up the game to progress to the round of 16, a woman somehow got past security and onto the table.

The lady, wearing a big red handbag, made her way to the table, with the referee trying to usher her away. She was defiant though and started jogging around as 'Rocket Ronnie' potted the pink.

Then, much to the surprise of the woman, aka 'yer ma', and all of the fans in attendance, O'Sullivan handed her his cue and let her attempt to pot the black.

Her practice playing pool in Benidorm didn't pay off though, as her skills weren't up to standard and she fluffed her lines the first time around, as Ronnie watched on with a big grin on his face.

Not content with one shot, she followed it up by trying to pot again with a second effort but was again unsuccessful.

Twitter absolutely loved the comical scenes in the third round meeting. Here are some of the reactions:

Comment on the incident towards the end of the game, O'Sullivan said the following to RTE:

"I didn't know what she was doing first. But she said to me I'm just having a jog. I said to her 'well go on then have a jog then'.

"'And you might as well have a shot while you're at it'. I really wanted her to pot it."

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare is a writer at SPORTbible. He's interviewed some huge names in the world of sport, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pele, Carles Puyol and Tim Henman. He dabbles in all things sport, but football is his biggest passion. He was once hit in the head by a wayward strike from Nicky Butt and lived to tell the tale.

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