We go on about live TV over and over again, simply because it's brilliant.

It can't be edited, therefore any mistakes or unintentional funny segments are there for all of us to enjoy.

This Hungarian presenter had a pretty funny moment on live tele when he managed to draw a penis while analysing a hockey match.

Using similar technology that we've become accustomed to on Monday Night Football with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, this pundit was dissecting a move by the Winnipeg Jets in a recent NHL game against the Colorado Rockies.

Somehow he manages to keep a straight face as he circles two players and draws lines that make it look like a shaft is on the rink.

Credit: Trash Talk/Sport 1

His co-hosts on the panel can't help but have a bit of giggle at the drawing, but somehow the artist remains unfazed.

There's no way that this is an accident, it just can't be.

At first, when it's just the circles and he draws the lines, you could maybe think that, yeah, okay, easily done, just a funny error. But then he draws a line across the top to make the tip, then adds a few lines squirting out of it.

He then goes back to the balls, and draws lines off them, representing some pubes.

A thread on Reddit has speculated whether or not it was done as a dare or bet, which seems logical, really.

Don Lemon, a CNN host, also cares not for the boundaries of live television. He had a completely different New Year's Eve to everyone else, as he went fucking hell for leather live on TV.

The presenter was counting down to 2017 with Brooke Baldwin, shotting tequila at every possible moment, ending up more pissed than George Best on a knees up in a Russian vodka factory.

Things escalated pretty quickly as he progressively got more and more shit faced, but it all culminated with him getting an ear piercing for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

"People are saying that I'm lit," Lemon said. "Yeah, I'm lit. Who cares?"

Fair enough, well in mate.

Featured Image Credit: Trash Talk/Sport 1​

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