Indiana Hoosiers Devonte Green Has GTA Cheat Code Tattooed On His Arm

We'd all love to be able to cheat in life to make it a little easier for ourselves, which is why cheat codes in games are just so much fun and Devonte Green rates his skills as highly as a GTA San Andreas cheat code.

I can remember playing Theme Hospital as a teenager, yes I'm quite old, and using the cheat code to get more money. It wasn't irregular to do so on that type of game but Theme Hospital sticks in the memory because your receptionist would announce over the PA system that you were a cheat.

Being able to better your life in reality with cheat codes would be great. Type up up, down, left, square, triangle, into your Natwest App and low and behold you've suddenly got an extra £1000 in your account, yes please.

You'd have thought that Lionel Messi might well have the cheat codes to football the way he so effortlessly plays the game, similarly Roger Federer at tennis and Michael Owen at football punditry.

Steph Curry and LeBron James both play basketball like they have a cheat code too but neither are like Indiana Hoosiers' Devonte Green who literally has the GTA San Andreas unlimited ammo cheat code. It's tattooed on his arm, because he's a shooter- smart.

San Andreas is an excellent game, and still stands up today, so fair play to Devonte because it's definitely one of the best reasons to have a tattoo that we've heard.

Of course if he really wanted to go old school with his gaming reference then he could have done something from GTA 2, back when it was still using the bird's eye view.

Spent my youth shooting up the Yakuza from this angle. Image: Reddit
Spent my youth shooting up the Yakuza from this angle. Image: Reddit

This story reminds me of my favourite sporting tattoo and Brazilian football fan Maurício dos Anjos who got the entire Flamengo shirt tattooed on his torso:

What's your favourite sporting tattoo?

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