London Marathon Runner Dressed As Big Ben Gets Stuck At Finish Line

Today saw more than 40,000 pull on their trainers to take part in the London Marathon, raising millions for charity.

Many of those runners will lash on a silly costume, which surely makes an already tough challenge that little bit more difficult.

One costume that certainly made things more difficult for the poor bugger wearing it, is this rather lovely Big Ben one. Of course, being Big Ben, it has to be a big, doesn't it? But this one was so big that it couldn't fit under the finish line arch and the runner got stuck.

Thankfully, a volunteer was on-hand to help guide Big Ben though - adding about 30 seconds on to the runner's time.

Inside the costume was Lukas Bates, who was hoping he would be able to break the record for running the fastest marathon while dressed as a landmark building - niche.

The current record stands at 3 hours and 34 minutes, which Lukas didn't quite manage, crossing the finish line in three hours and 54 minutes.

He told the Evening Standard: "Having run the London Marathon four times previously, this year I decided I wanted to do something different, have a bit of fun and wear a crazy costume.

"It's going to be very hard to break the record with the costume I've chosen. I could have made it smaller and easier to carry, but I want it to be a real challenge."

Other wannabe record breakers at today's event, include Harry Vowles, 25, who ran in a 10kg rhino costume.

And two pals from Durham who were hoping to break the world record for the fastest marathon ran as a tooth and toiletry item.

Fun costumes are a staple of the London Marathon. Credit: PA
Fun costumes are a staple of the London Marathon. Credit: PA

A man in a tent suit and someone else dressed as a shoe were also at the start line.

Elsewhere, winner Eliud Kopchoge did manage to break a record, becoming the first ever man to win four times.

He came in with an incredible time of two hours, two minutes and 38 seconds, the second fastest marathon time in history.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he said: "I'm happy to win on the streets of London for the fourth time and to make history.

"The crowd in London is wonderful and that spirit pushed me. From the first kilometre to the last, everybody is shouting. I'm happy to cross the line."

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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